Administration Service

An Executive Officer is the executive head of a Municipality or NAC. Executive Officers of a Municipality or Notified Area Council reports to Director of Municipal Administration in Housing and Urban development (H&UD) Department. The director has the responsibility to supervise the function of the ULBs, work out suitable human resource policies,monitor the tax collection activities, lay down policies for transparency in expenditure, hear appeals against the decisions of ULBs, release Government funds to ULBs ,as well as monitor implementation of schemes and programmes.

Estabishment Section

The Establishment department is the one stop area for various office set up and day to day function of the NAC Kuchinda office work. It deals with all general office work, Issues and Diary, Service matter and any other matter set up under the NAC Kuchinda office.

Roles and Functions

  • To deal with all general office matter
  • To deal with all Issue and diary matter in NAC Kuchinda
  • To deal with all Pension matter in NAC Kuchinda.

The Roles and Functions of Establishment department is meant to build, install or setup in a position, permanently as well as which has been already established.

Accounts/Finance Services

Roles and Functions

The finance department is one of the most important departments in NAC Kuchinda as it helps provide the financing and accounting information necessary to make various decisions. It is also responsible for keeping track of all sales and capital spending in NAC Kuchinda and preparation of Budget and Financial information. Adoption of modern accrual based double entry system of accounting system.

e-Governance Service

e-Governance is Technology driven Governance for delivering Government Services like Trade Licenses, Birth & Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Holding & Property Tax, and e-Tendering, Exchange of Information Communication Transactions and Integration of various Systems & Services between Government & Citizens.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Administration and maintenance of NAC Kuchinda Website & Web Portal.
  • Implementation of Online applications.
  • Emphasis upon the wider Access of Information.
  • Enhancing efficiency through e-office & e-Management (Document Management System).
  • Facilitating e-tendering/e-Municipality /e-publishing activities.
  • Greater attention to Improve Service Delivery Mechanism.
  • Procurement & Maintenance of IT related equipment’s (hardware and software).

Engineering Service

To Create & Maintain Civic Infrastructures of NAC Kuchinda area following.

The Engineering Department of NAC Kuchinda is the basic foundation of which creates & Maintains Civic Infrastructures in NAC Kuchinda area. The department provides basic civic life requirements as well as it creates valuable infrastructure on modern amenities. It is dedicated to provide street light, drains, roads, culvert and bridges and civil.

Roles and Function

  • Colony and Parks.
  • Building-Kalyan Mandap Community Halls, Market Complex.
  • Construction of Sauchalaya.
  • Construction for Apartments under PPP Mode through Builders.
  • Civil Construction of Solid Waste Management System.

Health & Sanitation Section

Roles & Functions

  • Sanitation and prevention of Epidemic.
  • Food Hygienic, Control of Mosquito & Antifilaria Activities.
  • Registration and issue of Birth & Death certificates.
  • Disposal of Un-claimed dead body.

Main Responsibilities

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Anti-Malaria Programme
  • Birth & Death Registration

Planning Service

Initiate new projects, carry out Technical (only for non commercial projects) and financial feasibility studies, and Monitor implementation of projects.

Revenue/Tax Section

This is one of the important department under the NAC Kuchinda. This department deals with assessment of various taxes under the NAC Kuchinda and also responsible for collection of Holding taxes. Computerized database of holding tax assessment records has been prepared for the NAC area.

Holding tax/Property tax is a major source of revenue for Urban Local Bodies which is utilized to provide basic civic amenities to the residents in municipal areas. The 74th amendment of the Constitution and the recommendations of the Thirteenth Finance Commission strengthened the status of Urban Local Bodies as institution of self-Government, who are empowered to levy and collect Holding Tax under Odisha Municipal (OM) Act 1950 and Odisha Municipal Rule 1953 from the owners/tenants of the holdings within these municipal jurisdictions. The occupiers of properties (holdings) within municipal areas are required to pay holding tax on the basis of Annual Rental Value of the property which is to be assessed by the Valuation Organization, a wing of Housing and Urban Development Department of the Government of Odisha. The Valuation Organisation is a statutory creation by the Odisha Act, (16 of 1968 read with section 142 of OM Act 1950) with a view to ensure transparency and uniformity in determination of Annual Rental Value/tax for the holdings in the municipal areas of the State. There is a Council for each Urban Local Body, who in its meeting expressly called for the purpose, has to determine the percentage of Annual Rental Value at which the holding tax was to be realized. At present holding tax is collected in all 114 urban local bodies (Five Municipal Corporations, 46 Municipalities and 63 Notified Area Councils) functioning in the State.

Community Development Service

Community Development Service is working to reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households of NAC Kuchinda. It creates opportunities to the poor households by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled wage employment for having sustainable livelihood.

  • Urban Self Employment Programme through Bank linkages for setting up micro-enterprises.
  • Urban Self Employment Programme for Skill Up gradation & Capacity building through training.
  • Urban Wage Employment Programme by creation of durable Community assets in slums & generation of income for urban poor through wage employment.
  • Formation & strengthening of Urban Women Self Help Groups and linkages with banks for setting up group micro enterprises.

Social security measures

  • Supervision & Monitoring of PDS of BPL families.
  • Antodaya Anna Yojana & Annapurna Yojana.
  • Implementation of National Old Age Pension Yojana, Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension & Madhubabu Pension Yojana.
  • Implementation of National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS).

Electrical Section

The Electrical Department provides basis service of repairing the street lights from wide spreading main roads to the corners of Kuchinda Town. It makes assessment for new fittings of street lights where ever and whenever required for the common benefit of the NAC Kuchinda residents.