Vision & Mission

Local Self Government under the statute consisting of the local people as representatives to the Council for carrying out the functions as provided under the Orissa Municipal Act/Rules, for the public health, safety and convenience of the citizens of the town.

The Primary object of Kuchinda NAC is to take up all weather connectivity and communication facility, still light facility and water supply to 11 wards including development of all slum pockets. To promote skill up-gradation and self employment of urban poor and creation of labour intensive work inside slum potential area. The following objectives have been outlined.

  • Gainful employment of un-employed/ under employed urban poor through self employment ventures/ wage employment/DAY-NULM.
  • Creation of community structures in urban basic service programme patterns. Delivery inputs through community structure by involving women.


To look after the health, sanitation, water supply, roads, safety and public convenience of the citizen of the urban inhabitants. This includes improvement and up-gradation of the socio-economical status of the Urban Poor’s.

  • To bring transparency into affairs of ULBs and make them more accountable.
  • To strengthen the quality of urban local government through e-governance.
  • To promote social and economic development.
  • To promote a safe and healthy environment.
  • To encourage community participation in local government matters.
  • To create e-Governance Software Platform for improving the governance of the ULBs.
  • To create GIS based Property Tax Information system to enhance and augment tax collection and make the ULBs self sustainable.
  • To bring in web-based modern accounting system in Municipal Governance.
  • To computerize Birth and Death registration and certification.
  • To enable the Citizen’s and other city stakeholders to understand the citys problems better and constructively participate in the governance of the ULB.
  • To create a map linked data base of properties in the ULB.
  • To create an interface for public to retrieve certain useful information.