Gourav Pradhan, ORS

Executive Officer, Kuchinda NAC

Urban Local government implies the governance of an urban area by the people through their elected representatives. 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992 provided constitutional status to local urban bodies. The objective of Kuchinda NAC is to provide civic services to the inhabitants of the town and extend basic facilities to the area and people which includes cleaning and sanitation work, street lights and its maintenance, supply of water, construction and maintenance of roads, drains, culverts, community centers, renovation of ponds, controlling mosquito and health hazards, regulating growth of the town in a planned manner, uplifting the status of the poor & destitute, implementing all kinds of welfare schemes of Government, taking steps to beautify the town and more provisions for convenience of the people through Market complexes, Ponds, Kalyan mandaps, town halls, Guesthouses and such other functions to enrich the living of the people of the town.